December 6, 2017
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The Container is flexible block that allows you to gather several individual blocks into a parent container. You can set the desired color to the background. You can also customize the Drop Cap Litter and set the font size.

With Color Background

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An amylase test measures the amount of amylase in your blood or urine. Amylase is an enzyme, or special protein, that helps you digest food. Most of your amylase is made in the pancreas and salivary glands. A small amount of amylase in your blood and urine is normal. A larger or smaller amount may mean that you have a disorder of the pancreas, an infection, alcoholism, or another medical condition. The blood amylase test is used to help diagnose and monitor acute pancreatitis. It may also be used to diagnose and monitor chronic pancreatitis and other disorders that may involve the pancreas. The blood amylase test may be used along with a lipase test to detect pancreatic diseases.

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