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December 6, 2017
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The Advanced Columns Block empowers you to make your very own page format with a basic arrangement. You can specify the number of sections, and format every section to your liking. You can also customize the colors, margins, paddings, responsiveness, and much more.

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Be creative with Gutenberg!

From now, blogging on WordPress has become even easier. Just use for that qodeblock. This plugin, created by the professional team of developers WordPress, will help you to improve the look of posts and create unique content for your blog. Edit and customize the appearance, add new blocks and features and much more without code and programming. To get more information about using and setting up the qodeblock read a documentation

The main feature of the Gutenberg editor is the presentation of all content as blocks and the definition of the record layout directly in the editor. Using the editor Gutenberg, creating complex layouts will become more accessible to most users.

Qodeblock Plugin

From now, blogging on WordPress has become even easier. The qodeblock plugin & theme is a collection of “blocks” for the new WordPress block editor, also known as Gutenberg. Blocks are chunks of content such as paragraphs, images and more.

Qodeblock Theme

Especially for the best use of the qodeblock plugin, we have created a theme that is perfectly integrated with the blocks and can help you create even more dynamic posts and pages. Qodetheme can be used without installing Gutenberg.

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You can use qodeblock with any theme, but we recommend using our qodeblock theme for the best fit. The qodeblock theme has beautiful styles built in specifically for these blocks.

Before installing qodeblock, make sure you are using the Gutenberg editor. In case you used a classic editor you need to deactivate it. Now you can install the plugin Qodeblock. To do this, go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin. Click on Select file and and upload zip-file from CodeCanyon. Click “Install Now” and after succsessfull installation Activate the plugin.

The qodeblock are meant to simplify the creation of content and layouts on your site. However, if you are a developer, feel free to look through the qodeblock code to learn how to create your own blocks.

4 Columns:

The Qodeblock plugin is a collection of “blocks” for the Gutenberg WordPress editor

Blocks are chunks of content such as paragraphs, galleries, columns etc.

Building with blocks gives you more control to quickly create any kind of site you want!

Especially for the best use of the Qodeblock plugin, we have created a Qodeblock Theme.

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